Who We Are

Edmonton Born and Raised

This Is Jacob! 

He is the owner and operator of this fine business. With over 8 years of bartending experience under his belt, it's fair to say he's seen a lot 


Our Mantra

Making Memories, 
That you will never forget 

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 We provide a complete customer-oriented Bartending service for your event. Weddings are our specialty, mostly because everyone is happy at a wedding (so it makes for the best clients). But we also understand that this is an event that only happens once, so you have to execute it to perfection. This is why at Perfect Pour our Mantra is    "Making memories, that you will never forget", because a wedding is a time to celebrate people coming together expressing their love for each other , and what better way than over a beer, some wine or a perfectly handcrafted cocktail. So whether you are looking for a simple White claw wedding or a fully customized cocktail bar, we have you covered.